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CYBER is not an effect - it is a digital magic kit with incredible technology enabling you to perform insane magic with nothing but your iPhone and your spectator’s mind.


Imagine walking up to a total stranger and being able to extract THEIR phone number from THEIR mind. Imagine being able to send secret text predictions to a person that you’ve NEVER met before.


There are NO accomplices, calculators, secret typing, or pre-show, and the spectator never writes, types, or tells you ANYTHING. They’re a total stranger - you don’t need to know their phone number, and you don’t even need to know their name.


This is cutting-edge technology all bundled into ONE app. We’ve designed CYBER from the ground up so that it integrates with other magic apps, and turns YOUR iPhone into a remarkable prediction tool. This is a revolutionary tool that you’ll be using on a daily basis to perform miracles.


Requires iPhone 7 or later.

Purchase of Cyber includes the Cyber app (which includes video explanations for 8 routines taught by Worm) and the physical components required to perform


Refill Pack 

Custom engineered NFC tags, specifically designed to be used covertly with the Cyber Magic App by Worm and theory11.


10x Small Rectangle Tags
10x Small Circle Tags
2x Large Circle Tags
2x Large Circle Tags in White