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"When you first showed me these, I was blown away by the quality. Now I never leave home without them! Endless possibilities!" - Dynamo

"Just like a great TIE completes a great outfit; a TIE is the invisible asset that completes a great commando performer. It's the perfect advance prep for a powerful 'impromptu' performance - always out of sight, but always available, giving you the ability to go beyond sleight of hand at any time, in any place. Magic utilizing threads become truly amazing when it seems absolutely impossible for you to have access to such a thing. Now, thanks to TIES, the power of magic is literally in your hands." - Michael Ammar

"TIES are my everyday carry so I can always perform a miracle. TIES are priced right, great quality, and the instructional video is top notch." - Nathan Kranzo

"I have started using TIES in my professional trade show work. Recommended!" - Chad Long

"Penguin Magic has released TIES (The Invisible Elastic System)... superb quality but priced so you don't worry about losing a few while practicing and, more importantly, feeling confident using them in actual performance." - Brad Christian, Ellusionist

20 years ago, Penguin Magic introduced TIES to professional magicians. It was an instant hit, but it was expensive and required you to literally tie your own elastic thread. It completely sold out, and some pros still swear by it. But since then, we've figured out how to make TIES more affordable, portable and convenient by packaging them into ready-to-go packs. Today, we're proud to announce ready-to-use TIES.

Levitate, animate, and transform the world around you with an invisible elastic system that allows you to perform some of the most visual magic on earth. Always ready to go, this is the new part of your everyday carry that will never leave your wrist. This is the gimmick that is going to make you feel like you have super powers, suit up with TIES: The Invisible Elastic System. TIES is a project that has been years in the making. TIES is an invisible elastic thread you can wear on your wrist, around your neck, or even hide in plain sight on props you already own so that you can perform incredibly visual magic. This invisible elastic system has been worn, and perfected, by members of the Penguin Magic team who will share with you never before seen handlings and thread hook ups that create stunning moments.


When you receive this invisible elastic system in the mail, you will receive 10 TIES ready to go right out of the box. Along with TIES, you receive a comprehensive training system featuring Nick Locapo, Cash Wallace, Travis Askew, Seth Race, Nick Popa, and Nathan Kranzo to give you training on dozens of effects to start performing right away.

Learn to float common objects like bills, receipts, chapstick, rubberbands, and playing cards. Using your psycho kinetic powers you’ll animate a knife so that it finds a selected card from a spread. Balance a water bottle on its edge, and then have it fall at your command. Perform the standing card on your cell phone. Borrow and float a spectator’s ring. Perform a super-charged version of the PK touch routine. Have a piece of popcorn fly from your hand and into your mouth. You will learn to perform all this, and more, with TIES.

TIES come preset on The Tie Rack so you can carry extra TIES with you wherever you go. They are easy to use, create high impact magic, and are the most affordable way to levitate, animate, and transform the world around you. Suit up with the gimmick you’ll never leave the house without, TIES: The Invisible Elastic System.