About Us

We bring our hand picked & only the best of magic available in the Universe, to those who seek & pursue the art, by continually pushing our limits in delivering industry leading finest crafted products and services ever possible!

A Little Bit more about us...
It all began sometime around the mid-2016, when Magic in Asia, especially India, was already swamped with
Low quality, counterfeit inferior goods. At times even most of the Professionals weren’t aware that they were
not using the Originals, but the counterfeit ones. Not just the duplicate gimmicks & props were sold, but even
the decks, especially every Magician’s must have Bicycle Standard decks. Many of such factors forced for a
resolution, that’s when we started Shop Magic Supplies, and made it
globally accessible, with one goal in mind, to sell industry's “Originals & Best crafted products” available in the market.
We are based out of Chennai, India and enchant magic across the country and even Globally!