Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood
Holy Wood

Holy Wood

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This miracle is designed by Hanson Chien and engineered by Yao.


Take a card push it through a solid deck of cards. When the card box is opened, however, the deck is solid…but a solid block of wood.



-No way

-No kidding

-Easy to carry

-Easy to perform

-A Self-Working Miracle

-An art piece rather than a prop

This art piece is proudly made in Taiwan. Each unit is individually fine-tuned by hand to ensure smooth and seamless operation. It’s produced in small quantities and availability will be limited.

 Comes with beautiful handmade block + 2 boxes with slit.

Complete with detailed instructions by Hanson Chien.


NOTE: Playing cards NOT included.



“It’s not easy to have both practical and creative side at the same time. Hanson can make it able to show the both side at the same time.”

- Charming Choi


“Holy Wood is absolutely beautiful! I think Hanson really took the idea for this type of gimmick to the next level. Fantastic!”

- Dan White

“When I first opened the gimmick, I literally thought Hanson just shipped a block of wood to me as a prank. Upon further inspection,I was wrong. The gimmick is beautifully crafted, truly a piece of art.”

- Eric Chien

“The effect is solid, the trick is solid... Meticulously made, The most deceptive version. Looks perfect.”

- Garrett Thomas

“I love it! With the right presentation, this is a very solid routine you can perform anytime anywhere for real people. I can’t wait to perform it!”

- Henry Harrius


“Really amazing craft! I cannot feel more comfortable playing with it.”

- Horret Wu


“This is the best version I’ve ever seen! The process is logical and effective!”

- Jeki Yoo

“It’s in my repertoire since the day I got it.”

- Lu Chen

“Holy Wood is a modern take on a classic. Fully thought out with all new subtitles. You won't regret it.”

- Patrick Kun 

“Among all the versions of card thru solid block this is by far the most elegant, practical and probably the only one I will carry everyday without feeling a heavy weight in my close-up saddle bag.”

- Yif

Package Information

Size: 15.2X9.6X3.2  cm

Weight: 183g


HOLY WOOD Information

Size: 8.8X6.4X1.55  cm

Weight: 63g

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