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Henry Harrius is back again with this very special release, Magnet-0 but most people started calling it as Magneto. This very stunning effect is unlike anything that you can ever think of and make your audiences truly feel a great magical experience live in reality!

Some Special Features of Magnet-0

No Magnets/Thread Works
Everything can be borrowed
Walk far away from the coin
100% full control
Everything examinable
7 seconds Time-Delay Function/Instant Drop function
Completely Hands-Free
No Special Clothing Requirement
Auto-Off Function (Instant Reset)
Different Presentations (Shadows/camera, etc)
Armando C.'s Signature Routine Included

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"Whoa. Great work in this thing. - Justin Flom"

"This is brilliant, it's extremely well made and I love the instant reset, very practical
- Nicholas Lawrence" 

"This is beyond magic. Magnet0 will make your audience believe they have special powers
- Patrick Kun"