• T-1000 Plus
  • T-1000 Plus

T-1000 Plus

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No sleights, no weird grips, no cover - pull it straight through.

There's a reason magicians and audiences gravitate to tricks like linking rings and crazy man's handcuffs.

It’s the modern version of linking rings you can wear and use everyday.

Not only is it magical, it also allows you to perform with a style.


It’s Classic, yet Modern.

It’s a secret weapon always ready to go. The Greatest EDC of all time T-1000 Plus.



  • Hyper-Visual
  • Easy to Carry
  • No Angle Issues
  • Switch Box Included
  • Perfect for Social Media
  • Kill it on Live Performance

The well-crafted gimmicks can pass through one another. It also works with rubber bands, rings, and other similar objects. A flawless penetration. They won’t see a thing. 


With T-1000 Plus, You’ll become a walking miracle in no time.