Little Door by Roddy McGhie

Little Door by Roddy McGhie

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From the creator of ‘FLUX’ and ‘Sew-On’ comes the incredible ‘Little Door’…

Effect: You tell the story of a trick a magician once showed you. You explain that he was able to name your chosen card using a little secret door in the card case.


You illustrate this by drawing a little door on the card case. Without any funny moves, you proceed to OPEN the little door showing the card within!


Of course this was just a story so you close the door before slowly erasing the drawing and immediately handing the case out for examination!


This incredible effect is not just a card trick but rather a magical, illustrated tale designed to entertain and enrapture audiences of all ages. It also looks really cool!


“Roddy’s Little Door is everything you could want in a magic trick: incredible visuals, unfathomable method and stunning audience reactions. I was fooled.You’ll be fooled and your audiences don’t stand a chance.” – MARK ELSDON


“Brilliantly visual, wonderfully baffling and truely magical!” – FISM World Champion – MATTHEW WRIGHT

“You’re releasing this? No!!!! I want to keep it for ME! Selfish I know but this is just too damn good!”– ERIC JONES


“I’ve been visually mind f**ked!” – DAN HAUSS

Includes hand-crafted custom gimmicks.

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