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Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread
Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread
Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread

Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread

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Watch the above video. Can your thread do this?

Supply Extremely Limited, Product to be Discontinued When Sold Out!

This is the dawn of a new era in levitations. Never break your thread again! Steve Fearson's Vectra Line is the strongest invisible thread ever offered to the magic community.

A single strand can hold nearly 1/4 POUND! That's a full deck of playing cards!

Now, for the first time you can safely levitate large items like CD's, coat hangers, scissors, you name it.

Vectra Line is as invisible as some of the thinnest threads on the market but is stronger than all of them.

Q. Is Vectra Line stronger than Kevlar or Spectra thread?

A. Yes, substantially stronger.

Q. Can I refill my existing reel with Vectra Line?

A. Yes, you can refill any thread reel with Vectra Line.

Q. Is Vectra Line an elastic thread?

A. No, but we do carry a Vectra brand elastic called

Q. Are there any drawbacks to using Vectra Line?

A. Vectra Line can be difficult to cut with a scizzors. They need to be very sharp. Alternatively you can use a razor blade.



Each package of Vectra Line Invisible Thread includes access to downloadable resources including usage tips and even a full routine utilizing the famous Fearson Hookup, recognized universally as the best way to float an object... period!


Fearson's Vectra Line is the result of several years of research and development. Ultra high-tech fibers are used primarily by the military and space programs and are generally unavailable to the public at large. We are proud to bring you this exciting product, at an affordable price.


Each length of Vectra Line contains over 100 individual invisible fibers. So one 10 foot package contains well over 1000 feet of super strong invisible thread!

And since Vectra Line rarely breaks because it is so strong, you'll find that a small supply lasts a very long time.

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