USD - Universal Switch Device

USD - Universal Switch Device

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Himber Wallet meets Minimalism. 

If you perform Magic or Mentalism, you know that a low-tech, nothing-to-break solution is always the best. Pablo Amira and Alan Wong bring you an easy and elegant solution with the USD. 

The USD (Universal Switch Device) is a slim, playing-card-size holder, made from real leather, that uses the same philosophy as the UPD (Universal Peek Device) -- it enables you to create your Magic or Mentalism routines in a direct and simple manner. Switch anything in plain sight, using this classy and thin holder. Achieve multiple outs and predictions. This can be carried conveniently inside any shirt pocket, or placed comfortably inside your wallet. You receive the USD, written and video instructions so you can perform right away using this wonderful and powerful tool. 

Add your new USD to your classic routines and make them stronger!

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