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In the Clear by Nicholas Lawrence

In the Clear by Nicholas Lawrence

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This looks like special effects. Well, it does if you want it to. “In the Clear” is such a perfect switching device that you can do it secretly to switch an item without anyone realizing it, or you can direct everyone’s attention to it and perform JAW DROPPING transformations inches away from their eyes.


It’s so hard to pick the single best part..

THE BEST PART? Use ANY deck. As long as it comes in cellophane, it’ll work perfectly.

Wait, no.. THE BEST PART? The box is normal and examinable. No cuts or slits are made in the card box so you can really use any deck. The cellophane is also fully examinable. Even after the gimmick is installed, you can remove it quickly & easily, and your card box is 100% unharmed and examinable!


The best part? The gimmick does all the work, is whisper silent, hard to see, even if it’s accidentally exposed. It takes basically zero skill to operate, too. If you can hold a deck of cards, you can use “In the Clear”


Nicholas Lawrence is known for clever inventions, but from today on he may be known best for In the Clear. It’s that good.

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